Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Makes You Feel LOVE?

We’re headed home from 10 priceless days in the mountains with children and grandchildren. I’m feeling happy, sad, and completely filled with love. I’m wondering where loves come from? Of course I have my own ideas and beliefs, but rather than write about it myself, I decided to ask you.

In our work with couples, an old standby homework assignment we give is to make a list of “5 things your partner can SAY or DO that cause you to feel loved.” We’ll publish items from our lists later this week.

Today the question to you is...

What makes you feel love?


Earnestine May said...

Earnestine says:

"I feel love when people comment on my blog!"

May D. Cember said...

Snuggle time with a grand or dogbaby works really well too!

DRB said...

I have strruggled with this issue in the past ( as I am sure others have.) I grew up in a house where " we just knew that we loved each other- no touch, no I love yous, " I am happy to say that through some incredible spouses, wonderful friends, and growth on my part I have learned what love is.

To me these are a few of the ways I feel loved

Getting a sweet smile with strong eye contact from my partner.

Hearing kind words ( especailly that I matter) from famly and friends.

Spending time with my best friend just laughing with with each other.

May D. Cember said...

Thanks for sharing with us DRB.

I'm sure your partner and your best friend are very blessed to have you in their lives. I know for me, my best friend has helped me in more ways than I can name. The right best friend can be very very good for your relationship too. We all needs some unadulterated laughter from time to time!

Again thanks for sharing,