Friday, August 1, 2008

Gayle's List

What are 5 things Ron can say or do that make you feel loved?

1. Putting up with my sense of humor even though I know it’s overwhelming for him at times.

2. Sharing the people, places, and things he loves the most with me.

3. Eye contact with me and interest in what I am saying even when I know the topic may be a bit boring for him.

4. His abiding patience when I am in “buzzy hummingbird” mode.

5. His willingness to share his feelings with me even though he’s more of a”thinker” than a“feeler”.

1 comment:

thatsMYomi said...

I just love you guys! You and he are just blessed and your love and committment to each has always been apparent in the 20 yrs. I have been fortunate to witness.